Pointer mount on 32x32 This creature can be mounted.

Hyldsmeet Proto-Drake are proto-drakes found circling the Temple of Storms in The Storm Peaks. There are also a few to be found near Brunnhildar Village in the Storm Peaks.

They are part of the quest The Drakkensryd, which is part of The Sons of Hodir quest chain. Upon starting the quest, the character is placed upon one of these proto-drakes, which then flies to join the pack circling the Temple of Storms. The character must then repeatedly use a [Hyldnir Harpoon] to pull himself to another Hyldsmeet Proto-Drake and engage in combat against the Frost vrykul riding it.

Abilities Edit

This mount has no special abilities. Only a "leave vehicle" button is provided. Employing it can be hazardous if the character does not have a means of coming to rest safely on the earth below.

The preferred means of getting off this vehicle is to target a Column Ornament around the Temple of Storms, and use the harpoon to swing to the pillar.

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