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The Hyldsmeet is a competition where the Hyldnir compete to "rule by Thorim's side".[1]

The hyldnir of Brunnhildar Village take part in the Hyldsmeet, while the hyldnir of Valkyrion do not.[2]

Gretta the Arbiter seems to be the judge.

Stages Edit

To enter the Hyldsmeet, one must be a hyldnir and win at least one duel to the death against another hyldnir.[3] Then the hyldnir must kill six other hyldnir that have also won a duel.[4] The next stage is mounted combat on the backs of polar bears. Obtaining a bear requires extra effort.[5] The hyldnir must then kill six other hyldnir in the Pit of the Fang to advance.[6] The final stage is the Drakkensryd. The hyldnir must kill ten other hyldnir while jumping from proto-drake to proto-drake flying around the Temple of Storms.[7] The winner gets to be the new wife of Thorim, and the title of Hyldskvinnar.[8]

Winners Edit

References Edit

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