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Were you looking for the pandarens, Barrel-Chest Huo or Huo the Firestarter <Fireworks>, or the mogu, Combat 15 Huo-Shuang <Shao-Tien Imperion>?

Huo is the ancient spirit of fire, residing in the Shrine of Inner-Light[41.7, 25.2] on the Wandering Isle. Players are sent by Master Shang Xi to find him, with the aid of Aysa Cloudsinger and Ji Firepaw. Huo is guarded in the Shrine by Master Li Fei, who must be defeated in a duel.

Once rekindled, Huo grows larger and then accompanies players to the Temple of Five Dawns. He then takes up residence within the Temple.

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  • Dafeng <Ancient Spirit of Wind>
  • Shu <Ancient Spirit of Water>
  • Wugou <Ancient Spirit of Earth>

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