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Hunters are light, fast warriors that shun the heaviest armor. Their agility and training afford them many defensive maneuvers and the use of a large variety of weapons. To survive in the wild, Hunters have learned to be the masters of deadly shots with bow or gun, as well as expert trappers. Their swiftness and expertise with ranged weapons is a sight to be seen. And their abilities only further the effectiveness of such weapons.

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Core abilities Edit

Arcane Shot TCG

Arcane Shot


Steady Shot

Ability Min Level
Auto Shot Starts with
Arcane Shot Starts with
Call Pet Starts with
Critical Strikes Starts with
Revive Pet Starts with
Steady Shot 3
Concussive Shot 8
Beast Lore 10
Call Pet 10
Control Pet 10
Dismiss Pet 10
Tame Beast 10
Feed Pet 11
Disengage 14
Eagle Eye 16
Mend Pet 16
Counter Shot 22
Aspect of the Cheetah 24
Multi-Shot 24
Ability Min Level
Freezing Trap 28
Feign Death 32
Tranquilizing Shot 35
Explosive Trap 38
Flare 38
Trueshot Aura 39
Call Pet 42
Misdirection 42
Ice Trap 46
Trap Launcher 48
Distracting Shot 52
Aspect of the Pack 56
Call Pet 62
Master's Call 74
Deterrence 78
Call Pet 82
Aspect of the Fox 84
Camouflage 85

Glyph-taught abilities Edit

Ability Source
Aspect of the Beast Glyph of Aspect of the Beast
Fetch Glyph of Fetch
Fireworks Glyph of Fireworks
Snake Trap Glyph of Snake Trap

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