NOTE: The following abbreviations willl be used in this article BM- Beast Mastery Speced Hunter MM- Marksmanship Speced Hunter SV- Survival Speced Hunter SPEC- Specializing in a certain talent tree CC- Crowd Control BG- battleground DoT- Damage Over time

Hunters are one of the greatest class in the game, we are excellent at PvP AND PvE. We are capable of bringing our foes down from a distance, using Bows or Guns and using our pets as our own mini-tanks. Your pet can very effectively tank for you (even if you arent going to spec in Beast Mastery, if you are then your pet is better then alot of tanks out there, because of their increased survivability when you spec in this line.)

1st tip in a BG ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PET ON AGGRESIVE. Seriously mine has saved my behind so much by spotting rogues before I can and people that try and ambush you are going to be in for a RUDE surprise. 2nd tip I know this is amazingly simple but PLEASE track humanoids when you start the match, If your guarding a flag likee in Warsong or a base like in Arathi TRACK HIDDEN this increases your stealth detection which can save you from getting killed. In MOST not all PvP situations your opponent will try and snare your pet or CC it, then head straight for the Hunter controlling it. If the Hunter dies so deos the pet. Now this natuarlly SUCKS because you are wearing Leather armor until 40 then you can wear chain mail, if they head straight for you(which they most likely will) my advice would be to follow these steps:

1. If your being followed by a group place a frost trap, DO NOT TURN AROUND AND FIGHT THEM unless you have help right behind you and your pretty sure you'll win.

  If 1 person is following you place a freezing trap

2. Walk backward the entire time keeping the frozen victim insight

3. As soon as you are ready use Hunters Mark and lay down any trap you feel like Immolation trap does the most damage so use it if you have it.(if you haven't already)

4. Send your pet in to attack and break the ice

5. Then cast Serpents Sting your DoT

6. As they get closer use all of your instant cast for me my normal shot rotation goes something like this

  1. Hunters Mark
  2. Serpent Sting 
  3. Multi-shot 
  4. Chimera Shot (final talent in the MM tree)
  5. Repeat 2-4

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