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CasterWeaponSwapper is an AddOn that can be used to swap weapons to obtain different stats depending on your mana situation. It can also swap between a +81 Healing and a Spellsurge weapon.

In my experience this add-on is very buggy, but also very effective once set up correctly. This guide was written with settings that worked in some cases, so you can take advantage of this excellent add-on.

See External links below for download info.

Note: THIS ADD-ON ONLY WORKS EFFECTIVELY IN COMBAT (otherwise it can be buggy).

/cwsBrings up this screen:


These recommended settings.

Here's what you do:

  1. Put your primary (+81 Healing) weapon in the High Mana Set and Casting Set slots.
  2. Put your spellsurge weapon in the Spellsurge Set slot.
  3. If you're a druid, put your Innervate weapon in the Low Mana Set slot.
  4. Set the bars to 100% or 0% respectively (as shown in image).
  5. Check: "swap to low mana set for spirit boosts"
  6. Check: "print swaps"
  7. Leave everything else unchecked for now.

To test that everything is working correctly, enable the swapping by typing "/cws enable". Now go aggro a level 63 mob in Terokkar and start healing yourself over and over again (you should start out with your spellsurge weapon equipped).

With these settings, CWS will automatically start with the spellsurge weapon, switch to your main (+81 Healing) weapon after spellsurge procs, and then switch BACK to the spellsurge weapon after the 45 sec hidden cooldown is up. When you innervate, it automatically switches to your +Spirit Staff, then switches back after the innervate is over.

Once everything tests out, use "/cws disable" to disable the add-on.

You should leave it disabled unless you're in a boss fight, because outside of combat it's very buggy. For example, enable it only during boss fights or events like The Gauntlet in ZA.

External linksEdit

CasterWeaponSwapper at CurseForge

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