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If you're planning on playing the most interesting magic-user ever on a Roleplay server, this is all about you.

Your Perspective Edit

In your character's eyes, you have spent years studying the arts of magic, so don't be afraid to get a little cocky of yourself from time to time. You can belittle a Warrior for being a "brute" or "barbarian". Priests and Paladins are extremely religious and more than likely, they wont like you too much. Paladin's believe that Mages hate the "Holy Light" and believe you will NOT ever be cleansed of your evil ways, no matter what you do.

Good Ways to Act Edit

Mages are the overall damage dealers on WoW, but they aren't very good at melee or taking damage. If you take a hit, make it devestating and make sure people know you're hurt. After all, you're wearing cloth armor and you're not the strongest person in the world. If you're pretending to be a strong muscly Mage, make a Warrior.

Good Occupations Edit

  • Alchemy - Alchemy is a great job to choose mainly because all you have to do is make magical potions, which fits your role perfectly.
  • Herbalism - The best thing to choose for money making or making some well-deserved potions with Alchemy.
  • Engineering - Not the first choice for most Mages, but it counts as a logical pursuit and could fit well with you if you do it right.
  • Inscription - If you are a mage who strives for information, you could also become a scribe. Herbalism is the gathering counterpart and will also fit mages well.

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