Currently only helpful for Windows version of game.

There are many interesting objects and landscape in World of Warcraft that make you really want to capture it. Here's info to make a screenshot for new players.

Capture it Edit

To capture a screenshot you can simply press "Print Screen" button (sometimes "PrtSc" on laptops). The screenshot will be saved in Screenshots folder inside your game client folder.*

Here's the example:

WoWScrnShot 101511 221704

StormWind Harbor

Screenshot without character in shot Edit

Just keep roll up your mouse scroll until you got 1st person view and you will have a screenshot like this:

WoWScrnShot 092411 230556

The Temple of The Moon

Screenshot without UI Edit

Press Alt-Z to remove the game UI (or AddOn UI) before you take your screenshot. After you're done, you can press Alt-Z to bring it back.

Examples with character in shot and without:

WoWScrnShot 102311 225416

Lonely furbolg at Darnassus

WoWScrnShot 102411 120211

Empty streets

Before you upload Edit

Generally screenshots get named WoWScrnShot_MMDDYY_HHMMSS.jpg (where MMDDYY are 2-digit month, day, and year; and HHMMSS are local hours, minutes, and seconds).

Before you upload your screenshot, you should rename the file to something that describes what's in the screenshot, like: Frostsaber_mount_Stormwind_docks.jpg

WoWWiki discourages uploading generically names files, like WoWScrnShot_101511_221704.jpg

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