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Archive of Hotfixes from 2008

April 2008 Edit

April 13th Edit

See Hotfixes for the Week of April 7 - 13 | 2008-04-11 02:39 by Blizz Drysc.

  • Several bugs have been fixed with the Shattered Sun Pendants. Shattered Sun Pendants of Acumen and Might will now be triggered only by spells and abilities which cause damage. Shattered Sun Pendant of Might will no longer break crowd control effects such as Scattershot with its triggered effect. Shattered Sun Pendants of Acumen, Might, and Restoration now all have correct range limits.

March 2008 Edit

March 30th Edit

See Hotfixes for the Week of March 24 - 30 | 2008-03-26 19:21 by Blizz Drysc.

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