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Horde Field Scout is a level 65 pvp rewards vendor located at Zabra'jin in the contested territory of Zangarmarsh. His coordinates are 32, 48, and he is in one of the raised huts, looking out to the north. His Alliance counterpart is Alliance Field Scout.


BankergossipiconItem Quantity Level Skill Slot Price Availability
Inv relics idolofferocity [Idol of Savagery]162Relic15 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Inv wand 11 [Incendic Rod]162WandRanged15 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Inv relics libramoftruth [Libram of Zeal]162Relic15 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
[Mark of Conquest]162Trinket30 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Inv jewelry necklace 16 [Mark of Defiance]162Trinket30 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Inv qirajidol sun [Mark of Vindication]162Trinket30 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Inv weapon bow 04 [Splintermark]162BowRanged15 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Inv axe 03 [Terminal Edge]162ThrownRanged15 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited
Spell nature slowingtotem [Totem of Impact]162Relic15 Mark of thrallmarUnlimited

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