Horde Coffin Hauler

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Horde Coffin Hauler (Cataclysm)

Horde Coffin Hauler moving along the roads of Silverpine Forest

The Horde Coffin Hauler serves as a means of transportation for lower level characters within Silverpine Forest and makes periodic stops along the main road. The wagon is pulled by an Ettin.


Official horde mini-icon Forsaken High Command (North--->South)
Official horde mini-icon Sepulcher (Mid; North--->South only)
Official horde mini-icon Forsaken Front (South ---> North, straight to Tirisfal Glades)


  • It appears there is a five-minute respawn timer for the Horde Coffin Hauler at the north and south points.
  • Players may board the Horde Coffin Hauler at any time during its transit, whether it is stopped or not.

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