Horde Coffin Hauler (Cataclysm)

Horde Coffin Hauler moving along the roads of Silverpine Forest

The Horde Coffin Hauler serves as a means of transportation for lower level characters within Silverpine Forest and makes periodic stops along the main road. The wagon is pulled by an Ettin.


Horde 15 Forsaken High Command (North--->South)
Horde 15 Sepulcher (Mid; North--->South only)
Horde 15 Forsaken Front (South ---> North, straight to Tirisfal Glades)


  • It appears there is a five-minute respawn timer for the Horde Coffin Hauler at the north and south points.
  • Players may board the Horde Coffin Hauler at any time during its transit, whether it is stopped or not.