All level 80 jewelry costs 38,000 Pvpcurrency-honor-bothhonor points each.

Rewards for Alliance can be purchased from Alliance 15 Captain Dirgehammer <Apprentice Armor Quartermaster> in the Champions' Hall in Stormwind City.

Rewards for Horde can be purchased from Horde 15 Sergeant Thunderhorn <Aprentice Armor Quartermaster> in the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar.


[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Ascendancy]

[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Deliverance]

[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Dominance]

[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Salvation]

[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Subjugation]

[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Triumph]

[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Victory]


[Hateful Gladiator's Band of Dominance]

[Hateful Gladiator's Band of Triumph]

[Deadly Gladiator's Band of Victory]

[Deadly Gladiator's Band of Ascendancy]

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