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Honeydew Glade

Honeydew Glade[31.6, 11.4] is a large, wooded area found in the northwest region of the Jade Forest. It is one of the first areas where the Horde and Alliance clash. The zeppelin, Hellscream's Fist, makes a short stop here after being damaged by the Alliance; some of the Horde troops succeed in driving their forces from Thunder Hold, but the ship is destroyed.

The glade is a largely peaceful place until the conflict arises, and the pandaren from nearby Honeydew Village have crops planted along the north. Due to the hostilities, however, the sha gain a foothold, corrupting the local wildlife and making the glade a dangerous place.

Prior to the demise of the zeppelin and most of its crew, the Horde erected a small base along the banks of the Spiritsong River.

Inhabitants Edit

Initial phase
Final phase
Pandaren (south) [32.1, 13.4]
Pandaren (north) [30.5, 7.5]

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