Holy Power (paladin talent)

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For the new paladin resource in Cataclysm, see Holy Power.
Holy Power
Spell holy power
  • Increases the critical effect chance of your Holy spells by X%.
Usable by
LocationHoly, Tier 6
AffectsHoly spells
Points required25 Holy
Spec specificYes

Holy Power is a talent in the Holy tree which requires 25 points in Holy to max it. It increases the critical effect chance of your Holy spells. Many paladin abilities are unpredictable or ambiguous in regard to whether they use melee or spell mechanics. Generally, Retribution abilities will use melee mechanics, while Holy and Protection abilities will use spell mechanics. This talent affects spell crit mechanics.

Rank table Edit

Rank Critical Effect Chance
1 1%
2 2%
3 3%
4 4%
5 5%

Affected abilities Edit



Unaffected abilities Edit

Undetermined Edit

  • Holy Shield may have been given a critical hit chance in a recent patch (unverified). It was originally incapable.
  • Avenger's Shield sources offer conflicting information about whether it relies on spell or melee crit mechanics. The majority seem to favor melee crit.

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