Holy Guidance

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Holy Guidance
Spell holy holyguidance
  • Increases your spell power by X% of your total Intellect.
Usable by
LocationHoly Tree, Tier 8
AffectsSpell Power
Points required35 holy
Spec specificYes

Holy Guidance is a talent that adds a certain percentage of the Paladin's Intellect to his spell power.

Rank table Edit

Rank  % of Int + Spl Dmg/Heal
1 4%
2 8%
3 12%
4 16%
5 20%

Affected Abilities Edit

The following paladin abilities are directly affected by this talent:

Tips Edit

Having all five ranks in this talent makes it a priority for a Paladin to really keep their Intellect in mind when making gear choices. The talent adds from the Paladin's total Intellect, not base, so Intellect-based buffs (Arcane Intellect and Elixir of Wisdom for example) will boost the Paladin's healing/spell damage as long as they are active.

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