Hogun is one of the members of the Explorers' Guild. He was was one of the most accomplished explorers in the Barrens region. He was seeking to uncover the secrets of the past in the area. He was tasked with finding the location of ancient site of Bael Modan and the titan ruins buried within. His archaeological mission was to survey and map the area around Bael Modan. He was convinced he could find a cave or tunnel leading to an underground chamber of titan design in the area.

To help him with his mission, he had set up a small wilderness camp near Bael Modan, and built a small campfire. At this camp he had been surprised by a lone worg, who attacked and killed him. However, before he perished, he wounded the creature with two shots from his pistol.

The body of the dwarf was later discovered by adventurers near the dying fire, still holding the pistol. The wolflike beast stood close to the half-eaten dwarf corpse and, angered by its wounds, it attacked them. After they defeated the creature, they discovered Hogun's possessions. Which included, his journal, and a roughly drawn map that showed the way to a place he supposed could be an entrance to the ancient ruins.[1]

References Edit

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