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For the encounter in Ulduar, see Hodir (tactics).
Hodir Ulduar Trailer

Hodir in the Ulduar trailer.

Hodir was a titanic watcher and once resided in the Temple of Winter, lending his guidance to the frost giants in the Storm Peaks. The Sons of Hodir, a faction in the region, refer to Hodir as a father figure or creator. He disappeared after Loken's betrayal of the other titanic Watchers.[1] It is said that the temple guardians are verified to be deceased. A sulfurous odor suggests that death resulted from a fire-base entity and that the previously established cold weather patterns at the temple have ceased.

It was announced on Feb 17, 2009 that Hodir would be a raid encounter in the upcoming Ulduar raid dungeon.[2] After being defeated, Hodir is redeemed and teleports away to possibly help the players against Yogg-Saron later.

Legion Edit

Hodir appears as a recruitable champion for Warriors.

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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

It is possible that Hodir is the original Greatfather Winter, venerated by the dwarves and later commercialized by the goblins. He has been referred to as a "father figure" and connected to ice and snow. He also refers to the Veil of Winter in Ulduar.[3]


Hodir is likely named for the Æsir Höðr or Hod of Norse mythology. Loken's betrayal parallels that of Loki of the same mythology, who tricked Hod into shooting his brother Baldr.

References Edit

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