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High Warlord's Redemption was a Rare set for Holy Paladins earned through PvP participation.

Icon-shortcutSee also: High Warlord's Aegis for the Protection version of this set, or High Warlord's Vindication for the Retribution version. 

Source Edit

The High Warlord's Redemption items were sold by Lady Palanseer in the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar.  They were purchased using honor points and marks of honor.

Slot Cost
Chest 13219 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Arathi basin mark of honor
Head 12852 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Alterac valley mark of honor
Hands 8078 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Alterac valley mark of honor
Legs 12852 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Warsong gulch mark of honor
Shoulders 8078 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Arathi basin mark of honor
Total 55079 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Warsong gulch mark of honor50 Arathi basin mark of honor50 Alterac valley mark of honor

Stats Edit

High Warlord's Redemption Set Values
Stat Gloves Headguard Leggings Spaulders Chestplate Total
Armor 728 946 1019 873 1164 4730
Durability 45 80 100 80 135 440
Stamina 30 34 39 30 37 170
Intellect 20 22 26 19 24 111
+spell critical strike rating 19 20 24 15 21 99
+healing 40 35 53 22 18 168
+resilience rating 12 20 24 14 22 92
+Judgement of the Crusader 20 20

Items Edit

High Warlord’s Redemption
Inv gauntlets 29
Inv helmet 22
Inv pants plate 17
Inv shoulder 22
Inv chest plate05

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