High Priestess Siralen was, according to a plaque on her statue, promoted into service as Queen Azshara's personal high priestess of Vashj'ir after performing exceptionally in the Quel'Dormir Temple.

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The only known record about her can be found in the Quel'Dormir Gardens within the Ruins of Vashj'ir in the form of a statue to her honor.

High Priestess Siralen

Let this statue stand as an everlasting testament to High Priestess Siralen in the name of all she has done to nurture Quel'Dormir Temple into a glowing beacon of faith. May her newfound service under Queen Azshara herself shine as a testament to the potential of the noble bith nurtured in our beloved, Vashj'ir


Plaque in Vashj'ir


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