High Marshal Twinbraid is the head general of Lion's Landing.


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General Twinbraid a level 30 dwarf found at Bael Modan in the Southern Barrens. He is usually accompanied by two Twinbraid's Bodyguards. He was formerly the leader of Bael'dun Keep and was a staunch ally to the Alliance when they launched their invasion campaign of the Southern Barrens with the intent of creating a military supply chain between Theramore and night elf territory. When Bael'dun Keep was blown up by the Horde, Twinbraid survives its destruction but is furious at the death of his son Marley Twinbraid: a military scout and amateur archeologist who died from a plane crash caused by the Horde.[1][2] The General finds the corpse of Weezil Slipshadow in the ruins of Bael'dun Keep and thinks it must have been the goblin workers in Frazzlecraz Motherlode who were responsible for the destruction at Bael Modan. He sends Alliance adventurers to kill every goblin miner they can find Kill 'em All! and blow up the mine in Frazzlecraz Motherlode. Quest:...And Bury the Rest Following General Hawthorne's death, General Twinbraid takes command of the Alliance armies in Fort Triumph. {{quest|Reinforcements From Theramore}

In Horde questing, Horde players can determine that Gann Stonespire, a tauren who parted ways with the Horde to seek vengeance against the dwarves for destroying his tribe and Camp Taurajo, is behind the destruction of Bael'dun Keep; Tauren Vengeance Weezil had agreed to aid him in his cause. A Weezil in the Henhouse

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For his service in the Southern Barrens campaign, Twinbraid is promoted to High Marshal and becomes the head general of Lion's Landing. He's now entrenched within the Alliance stronghold in Lion's Landing, helping to orchestrate the Krasarang counter-offensive.

In the Legendary quest Alliance 15 [90] A Change of Command, Wrathion ask Horde 15Horde players to defeat him.

He can be also found in Lion's Landing Scenario helping players defend the fort.


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He may be related to Dame Twinbraid.


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