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Heroic Elite (and Elite) is an item property present on certain items that will be available to players that defeat the Boss 15 Protectors of the Endless encounter (1st boss in the Terrace of Endless Spring) killing Boss 15 Protector Kaolan last.[1]

According to item stats, it appears that "Elite" items will be 7 item levels higher than regular items. "Heroic Elite" items will be 7 item levels higher than Heroic items.

The Patch 5.2 Throne of Thunder raid will introduce a similar bonus tier called Thunderforged.

Example item levels

  • LFR quality at item level 483.
  • Normal mode quality at item level 496.
  • Normal mode Elite quality at item level 503.
  • Heroic mode quality of the item at level 509.
  • Heroic mode Elite version (Heroic Elite) of the item at level 516.


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