Inv bracer 14

Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Gorilla +8-9 Intellect, +8-9 Strength
of Power +26-28 Attack Power
of the Tiger +8-9 Strength, +8-9 Agility
of the Monkey +8-9 Stamina, +8-9 Agility
of Holy Wrath +19-20 Holy Spell Damage
of Healing +29-31 Healing Spells
of the Boar +8-9 Strength, +8-9 Spirit
of Frost Resistance +13-14 Frost Resistance
of the Bear +8-9 Stamina, +8-9 Strength
of Arcane Resistance +13-14 Arcane Resistance
of the Whale +8-9 Stamina, +8-9 Spirit
of Shadow Resistance +13-14 Shadow Resistance
of the Eagle +8-9 Intellect, +8-9 Stamina
of Nature Resistance +13-14 Nature Resistance
of Stamina +13-14 Stamina
of Strength +13-14 Strength
of Fire Resistance +13-14 Fire Resistance


This item is a random world drop from Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms creatures level 50-58.

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