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An herbalism trainer is an NPC that offers herbalists the opportunity to train.

Trainable rank Trainer Location Coordinates
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Male Malorne Bladeleaf Dolanaar Teldrassil [57.7, 60.6]
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Male Firodren Mooncaller The Temple Gardens Darnassus [48.0, 68.4]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Female Herbalist Pomeroy East of Stormwind gates Elwynn Forest [39.9, 48.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Female Shylamiir The Park Stormwind [31.5, 63.0]
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Female Tannysa The Mage Quarter Stormwind [54.5, 84.0]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Female Reyna Stonebranch The Great Forge Ironforge [55.7, 58.8]
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Male Heur Bc icon Azure Watch Azuremyst Isle [48.2, 51.4]
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Male Cemmorhan Bc icon The Vault of Lights the Exodar [27.4, 62.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Female Kali Healtouch Thelsamar Loch Modan [36.5, 48.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Female Morae Bc icon Blood Watch Bloodmyst Isle [53.3, 57.7]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Female Alma Jainrose Lakeshire Redridge Mountains [21.4, 45.6]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Brant Jasperbloom Theramore Isle Dustwallow Marsh [64.0, 47.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Faruza Brill Tirisfal Glades [59.8, 52.1]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Martha Alliestar The Apothecarium Undercity [54.2, 49.8]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Komin Winterhoof Middle Rise Thunder Bluff [49.9, 39.9]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Mishiki Sen'jin Village Durotar [55.5, 75.0]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Jandi Valley of Spirits Orgrimmar [34.7, 63.0]
Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Female Botanist Tyniarrel Bc icon Saltheril's Haven Eversong Woods [37.3, 72.0]
Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Female Botanist Nathera Bc icon Court of the Sun Silvermoon [67.5, 15.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Aranae Venomblood Tarren Mill Hillsbrad Foothills [61.7, 19.6]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Angrun Grom'gol Base Camp Stranglethorn Vale [32.2, 27.4]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Ruw Camp Mojache Feralas [76.0, 43.4]
Neutral 15IconSmall Human Female Flora Silverwind Booty Bay Stranglethorn Vale [27.7, 77.8]
Neutral 15IconSmall Night Elf Male Malvor Nighthaven Moonglade [45.5, 47.0]
Master Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Female Rorelien Bc icon Honor Hold Hellfire Peninsula [53.6, 65.8]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Ruak Stronghorn Bc icon Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula [52, 36]
Grand Master Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Female Kirea Moondancer Wrath-Logo-Small Valiance Keep Borean Tundra [57.8, 71.8]
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Male Fayin Whisperleaf Wrath-Logo-Small Valgarde Howling Fjord [58.8, 63]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Female Tansy Wildmane Wrath-Logo-Small Warsong Hold Borean Tundra [42.1, 53.6]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Marjory Kains Wrath-Logo-Small Vengeance Landing Howling Fjord [78.5, 28.4]
Neutral 15IconSmall Human Female Dorothy Egan Wrath-Logo-Small Magus Commerce Exchange Dalaran [43.7, 34.8]

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