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A popular level 60 classic raiding guild that formed after the release of the Burning Crusade expansion pack. Located on the realm Smolderthorn (US) - Horde. Formed January of 2008, formerly founded as Nova, Heralds of Yore (HoY) quickly gained popularity from many people in the WoW community. While progression was slow at first, the guild eventually cleared up to Fankriss in AQ40. Stringent rules and gear/talent restrictions gave the closest feel of to classic content compared to the other myriads of classic guilds that followed. Talents were caped at 31 points and no BC armor/enchants were allowed. Players with restricted gear equipped were not allowed to participate in raids until the offending gear was removed.

Guild Final Progression:

Zul'Gurub: Cleared

AQ20: Cleared

Molten Core: Cleared

Blackwing Lair: Cleared

AQ40: Fankriss Downed

The guild has gone through many reforms. As of May 2010 the guild has is no longer active. Rarely will you find a player on, but when you do, be sure to inspect them, their gear is quite amazing. =) <p> R.I.P. World's first Classic Raiding guild since release of TBC.

Notable Members: (Armory links coming soon)

Remude (First guild leader, Nova)

Gwb (Second guild leader, Nova)

Putresence (Fourth guild leader)

Donkeylipps (Fifth guild leader, during transition phase)

Xgairborn (Current guild leader, inactive, during Cata phase)

Oldskoolz (Officer)

Xadas (Officer)

Iviagus (Officer)

Prota (Officer)

Slickz (Officer)

Clemy (Officer)

Zakii (Officer)







HoY Bought BC

HoY Bought BC was a 70 twink guild founded by several core members of HoY. THe guild relied on pugging BC instances to acquire gear for arenas and battlegrounds. The guild was active for a short period of time and eventually ceased activity.

Notable Members:

Zakii (Guild leader)






External linksEdit

Guild website: WoW Armory:

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