For Level Obtained, should someone put the level that they got it at, if they don't know the minimum level needed to receive the quest? Anholt 02:05, 2 Dec 2005 (EST)

I'm not sure the template is adequate any more.

= Northshire =
Who: Guard Thomas
Zone: Northshire
Region: Elwynn Forest
Kingdom: Stormwind

The heading is a zone name? Something like "Quest Location" or "How to Get It" would be more accurate.

Some quests aren't given by a person, either; some are gained through acquiring objects or reading Wanted posters.

Zones and regions are ok, but the term "Kingdom" isn't often used in WoW. Most of the quests state the nearest city (but The Barrens is not 'in' Orgrimmar!), but quests that begin in the Badlands don't even have one. Suggest "Continent" instead?

= Level Obtained =
Level 1

The level obtainable isn't always clear to the submitter, so the information loses its intent.

= Level of Quest = 
Level of the quest. (CT_Questlevels or Cosmos can show you this, or just use Thottbot to look it up - otherwise give a rough guideline  based on its colour in your quest log)

Very important. The submitter should also specify whether the quest is Elite, Dungeon or Raid.

= Pre-Requisites = 
Add any info about people you need to talk to first, or quests you have to complete prior to starting this quest.

This would be best served by a Quest Progression standard (which I've begun to add), so you can see where this Quest is in relation to the quest line which also allows you to see what other quests the current quest is a pre-requisite for.

= Task =
What do you actually have to do?

How do you mean? The quest text itself is more useful; additional info is best given under the "Notes" subsection, away from the "fact".

= Reward = 
What are the rewards? If they are items, try putting links in to Thottbot
For choices or multiple rewards, use a list, e.g.

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:
*Item 1
*Item 2


You will be rewarded with all of the following:
*Item x
*Item y

Worth having.

= Notes = 
Give any further information which may be useful. For example:
*How hard is the quest, are any specific classes of use?
*Where exactly do you have to go (if the task description is a bit vague)
*Is it a particularly important quest to a certain class perhaps?
*Should you pick up certain other quests first? For example, when doing Van Cleef you should also get the quest from the gnome in  stormwind Shoni the Shilent the Silent as that also requires a trip to the Deadmines.

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This is covered by the Category:Quest footer.

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Updated Quest Template Edit

I was going to move this page to Boilerplate:Quest since that seems to be the standard boilerplate naming convention now, however looking at it, I felt that this boilerplate could use a bit of an overhaul. So I created a new boilerplate and put it at the previously mentioned location. If people feel like this template can be superceded by that one, then I am going to redirect this page to that one. --Ralthor 18:01, 12 May 2006 (EDT)

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