Hey all. I have heard we are hoping to make help pages more like guides, so I have created a new version of the object article help page. However, as it is a big change, I wanted to ask opinions before I changed it. My new version of the article is at: User:Jiyambi/Object articles.

The difference between this and my article:

  • Mine is not itself an example. It explains what each section should do instead. At the beginning of the article, I provide a link to an object page which follows the boilerplate.
  • The "preload" page is much less filled out than the normal boilerplate would be. It very briefly states what a section should contain, and at the beginning lets the contributer know where the help article is should they need it. This should make editing easier for those who use the boilerplate often, while not sacrificing the usefulness to the average wikian.

Let me know what you think, and if no one objects I will replace this version of the help page with that one. --Jiyambi t || c 20:46, 15 August 2007 (UTC)

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