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1. Welcome

Welcome to the WoWWiki tutorial. This is a brief guide to editing and getting involved in the WoWWiki community. If you're looking for more in-depth instructions, try browsing the Help category, or read the suggested articles at the community portal.

Why WoWWiki? Edit

WoWWiki is editable by anyone with an account. We aren't restricted by what can be found in the client files, so you will find that WoWWiki is often more exhaustive than your average database. On the same page you find basic technical information, you will also find player recommended tips and tricks, mathematical analysis, lore, and trivia.

WoWWiki is a community effort. Here you can meet and work with fellow players who are just as crazy about herbalism as you are with whom you can exchange knowledge, making each of you, and the rest of the community, more knowledgeable about it. Pick a pet project; we recommend it. It won't be long before you find others with the same interests.

How do I create an account? Edit


Creating an account.

It isn't necessary to create an account in order to browse WoWWiki, but if you want to edit, you will need to do so. It's totally free, and easy

  1. Click on the 'Sign in / create account' link in the top right of any page.
  2. Fill in your chosen user name and a password (remember, this user name will show against all your edits)
  3. Type in your password again in the 'Retype password' box.
  4. Add your email into the next box. A valid email address is necessary to create an account.
  5. Click the 'Create new account' button.
  6. Wait for an email to arrive in your inbox. Follow the directions within the email in order to complete the creation of your account.

How do I browse? Edit

WoWWiki works like any other website, though it may look a little different.

  • You can use the Google search in the left sidebar to look for articles by keyword, or you can browse the categories.
  • As you read, you'll notice blue and red words on the page. The blue words will take you to an article that word represents. Red links represent articles that have not been created yet.
  • Navigation boxes can be found in the top, bottom, and upper right corners of each article. Use them to browse related articles.
  • Most articles include a table of contents which can be used to quickly jump to specific sections.

How do I Edit? Edit

Don't be afraid to edit - anyone can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to have a go! Find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar, or formatting, and fix it.

You can't break a wiki. Anything can be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, find a page and edit. Be bold!.

For more help on how to edit, go to page two of this tutorial.

Below are some helpful videos for Wikia trainings, tips, and tricks. Be sure to check out Wikia University for more Wikia learning!

How-To Videos

Quick-start videos to get you going on Wikia.

Getting Started Editing

Tour the Wikia Editor03:27

Tour the Wikia Editor

Wiki Design & Theme

Wikia University - Introduction to Theme Designer02:00

Wikia University - Introduction to Theme Designer

Granting Admin Rights

Granting admin rights on your wiki01:53

Granting admin rights on your wiki

Intro to Templates

Introduction to Templates03:40

Introduction to Templates

Wiki Navigation

How to edit your wiki's navigation03:32

How to edit your wiki's navigation

Wiki Features

How To Wiki Features02:02

How To Wiki Features

Use a mobile device to view Wikia? Check out these videos.

Is your wiki mobile friendly?

Wikia How To - Making Your Wikia Mobile Friendly04:22

Wikia How To - Making Your Wikia Mobile Friendly

Game Guides App

Game Guides App How To04:17

Game Guides App How To

My Wikia iPad App

My Wikia - How To02:15

My Wikia - How To

Mobile Apps & Browser Webinar

Wikia Mobile Apps & Skin35:30

Wikia Mobile Apps & Skin


Wikia Webinars are monthly presentations provided by the Community Support team to provide live educational sessions that include best practices, pro tips, and introductions to new features. Below is a subset of Webinar recordings. You can see all recordings and register for upcoming webinars here.

Videos on Your Wiki

Videos on your wiki17:08

Videos on your wiki

Project Darwin

Wikia Support - Introduction to Darwin38:58

Wikia Support - Introduction to Darwin

Wikia Copyright

Wikia Copyright Basics Webinar46:24

Wikia Copyright Basics Webinar

Advanced Customizations

Advanced Ways to Customize Your Wiki Webinar43:38

Advanced Ways to Customize Your Wiki Webinar

Templates Overview

Templates Overview25:30

Templates Overview

Social Media & Your Wiki

Social Media & Your Wiki40:41

Social Media & Your Wiki

Online Privacy Overview

Online Privacy Overview37:29

Online Privacy Overview

Further help and feedback

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