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  • Description of spell on tooltip, substituting rank changing numbers for X (use Y or Z if more than one number).
Usable by
LocationTree, Tier x
Affectswhich abilities/stats/talents does this one affect?
Ranks# of ranks
Points required# of talent points required to reach this tier
Spec specificYes
Talent requireddoes this talent require another to be taken? (optional)

If you are editing an talent which is used as an ability (e.g., Mortal Strike or Pyroblast), you should use Help:Ability articles! Otherwise, remove this message.

Retribution looms for those beyond redemption.

Talent name is a talent in the <Talent tree name> tree, you will need to spend <points needed + talent ranks> points in <Talent tree name> to max it. (insert generic phrase here). Now insert facts about the talent.

Rank table Edit

Rank  % Increase Other changes between ranks
1 15 + 32
2 15 + 43
3 15 + 68
4 15 + 87
5 15 + 105

Notes Edit

Something that goes into detail about what is in the introduction. List each note using bullets. If no notes, delete this section.

Known bugs Edit

List any known bugs, using bullets. If a more thorough description can be given, use paragraphs. If no known bugs, delete this section.

Patch changes Edit

In chronological order, oldest patch on top, list the changes that have been made to the ability through patches. There should always at least be an "Added" line. Use {{Patched|<patch=x.y.z>|<note=Added.>}} or {{Patch x.y.z|note=Added.}}.

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