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WoWWiki uses a modified Tabber which can be found here {{Tabber}}. For information on the default WikiMedia extension Tabber see Help:Tabber.

Tabber is an extension that allows you to add multiple tabs to a section of content, which can be toggled without having to reload the page.


  • Open an article for editing and switch to Source mode.
  • Copy and paste the following code into your editor.
|First Tab Title|
First tab sample text.
|Second Tab Title|
Second tab content goes here. 
|Third Tab Title|
Third tab content goes here.
  • Click "Preview". You'll see that the code produced these tabs:
First tab sample text.
Second tab content goes here.
Third tab content goes here.
  • Click "Back" to return to editing.
  • Edit your tabs by replacing the text of the titles and content with your wiki's content. For example, replace with "First Tab Title" with "Characters," and replace the sample text with descriptions and images of your favorite characters. You can also change the number of tabs by adding or removing code.

Usage InformationEdit

Formatting: Keep in mind that the title should always end with an 'pipe' sign ("|"), and the tab separator ("|") must always appear between tabs.

Wikicode: You can use any wikicode within your tabs, including templates and images.

Headers: H2 and H3 headers are enabled, however 'edit sections' are disabled. See WoWWiki:Development for more information on modifying the WoWWiki wiki. :)

Tabview and Tabber: Tabber tags can be used within another tabber. Tabber tags will not work in the tabview tags; the text inside of the tabber will render as several paragraphs.

Tables and 'Loose' Pipes: Tabber tags use the "|" pipe symbol as a delimiter. Any 'unscoped' "|" pipe symbols in the tab itself can be escaped like so {{!}}. Alternativly the whole tab body can be surrounded by <choose><option>tab body</option></choose> which will guarantee that anything inside the tab body will be treated as part of the tab. Most of the time "|" pipes are a part of some other advanced wiki text, like other template parameter which wont have this problem. However the "|" in tables and regular body text would need to be escaped or wrapped as above.

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