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This page is meant to assist those that are helping with the restructuring of zone articles. For an example of how the finished article should look, see Ashenvale. It also serves as a guide for future zone articles.

When converting from pre-Cataclysm to post-Cataclysm, attempt to preserve as much information as possible. This can mean changing from present to past tense, or saying "before the Cataclysm". Deleting information should be done as a last resort and very sparingly.

1) Begin with the zone infobox and make certain it is up to date. For information on the infobox and how to fill it out, see Template:Infobox zone.

2) Next should be a brief introduction to the zone.


3. ==History==

This section is self-explanatory. When converting the Cataclysm Zone Changes (or In Cataclysm) section to paragraph format (not all pages will have this section), include anything related to history in this section with the {{Cata-section}} markup:

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.


4. ==Geography==

Again, self-explanatory. As with the above section, make certain to include the Cataclysm section for information moved from the Cataclysm Zone Changes.


5. ==Travel==

This will have a few sub-headings.

Getting thereEdit

a. ===Getting there===


Be sure to include [[File:Gryphon.png|right|Gryphon]] just after this heading. This picture makes it easy to spot the section while scrolling through the page. Also note the first letter of the second word is not capitalized. This subsection will detail how to get to the zone for both factions from their closest city outside the nearest zone to the closest city inside the zone by foot:

;{{Alliance Icon Small}}Alliance 15 Alliance: Information here.

;{{Horde Icon Small}}Horde 15 Horde: Information here.

If the way to get there is identical for both factions, just make this a single paragraph. The mark-up above will be unneeded.

Flight Master LocationsEdit

b. ===Flight Master locations===

This should just be a list of locations where players can find flight masters, organized by faction (neutral, alliance, horde). Below is one example of each.

:{{Neutral}} [[Light's Hope Chapel]] :Neutral 15 Light's Hope Chapel

:{{Alliance}} [[Astranaar]] :Alliance 15 Astranaar

:{{Horde}} [[Hellscream's Watch]] :Horde 15 Hellscream's Watch

Boat locationsEdit

c. ===Boat locations===

Not every zone will have this section. If there are no boats to speak of, do not include this. If there are, follow the same markup and format as above.

Zeppelin locationsEdit

d. ===Zeppelin locations===

See (c) above.


e. ===Portals===

Not every zone will have this section, just like (c) and (d). If there are portals, say where they are at and where they lead to.

Adjacent regionsEdit

f. ===Adjacent regions===

Adjacent regions charts should be up to date for all old world zones. If converting TBC, Wrath, or Cat zones, see the section in the Ashenvale page for how to do this (hit 'edit' to review that particular section, but don't make any changes to it). The chart is fairly self-explanatory.


6. ==Inhabitants==


This will contain all the information from the 'wild creatures' (or similar) section most articles have into a table format. Be sure to first include [[File:Beasts.png|right]] just below the header. See the corresponding Ashenvale section for more information. The biggest thing to remember is, for instance: | rowspan="7"| [[Beast]], where "7" is the number of mobs in the Beast category.


7. ==Resources==

Trade mining
Trade herbalism
Inv misc pelt wolf 01
Trade fishing
[[File:Trade mining.png|right]]
[[File:Trade herbalism.png|right]]
[[File:Inv misc pelt wolf 01.png|right]]
[[File:Trade fishing.png|right]]

As with the Inhabitants section, information from the Resources section will be converted into table format. The images placed here should indicate from what source the resources come from - mining, herbalism, skinning, or fishing. Cloth will be the only type of resource that has no corresponding image, as cloth drops for everyone. If you understand the Inhabitants table, the Resources table should be just as simple to understand, with one exception: {{item|icon=|Mageroyal}}. Note the markup.

There will be two separate tables in this section: one for mining and herbalism, and one for cloth, skinning, and fishing. The only reason for this is that the former chart lists skill required for harvesting, which is not needed in the latter.

Notable charactersEdit

8. ==Notable characters==

{{main|Ashenvale NPCs}} Whatever zone in place of Ashenvale, of course.

Only update this section if you are familiar with current information. This should be a very brief overview of the most important characters within the zone, usually those that send players on quests.


9. ==Quests==

Quest point

[[File:Quest point.png|right]]

Main article: Ashenvale quests

{{main|Ashenvale quests}} Again, substituting whatever zone for Ashenvale.

As with the above section, only update this if you are familiar with current information. This should be a very brief overview of the major quests in the area.

Areas of interestEdit

10. ==Areas of interest==

Inv misc idol 05

[[File:Inv misc idol 05.png|right]]

This is another section that will have several subsections within it.


a. ===Maps===

Include in this section only two maps: the pre-Cataclysm and post-Cataclysm maps.

Image:WorldMap-Ashenvale-old.jpg|Map of Ashenvale, pre-Cataclysm
Image:WorldMap-Ashenvale.jpg|Map of Ashenvale, post-Cataclysm (Current)

Elite areasEdit

b. ===Elite areas===

Not every zone will have elite areas within them. If there are none, do not include this section. Conversely, if there were some before any one of the expansions, leave the information intact but change everything to past tense and mention when the change occurred.


c. ===PvP===

This will include a brief mention of any areas within the zone that are (or were) notorious for PvP action, such as Tarren Mill and Southshore in Hillsbrad. This may also include areas that are (or were) PvP objectives, such as the towers in Eastern Plaguelands before the Cataclysm.


d. ===Battlegrounds===

Very few zones will have this section.

  • [[Battleground name]] (whatever faction entrace): information here. Also include a brief mention of where the opposite faction's entrance is located, even if it isn't in the same zone.


e. ===Raids===

Again, not every zone will have this section. It should be presented in the same table format as the next section (Dungeons). Note the 'raid' after Molten Core.

{| class="darktable"
! Dungeon Name 
! Level Range 
! Group Size
! Approximate Run Time
| {{portal|Molten Core|raid}} || 60+
| 40-man
| 6 Hours +


f. ===Dungeons===

See above. Instead of the 'raid' after the dungeon name, you will instead have 'group'.


g. ===Subzones===

The subzones section should be complete for all zones at this point.

Additional informationEdit

11. ==Additional information==

Trade archaeology highborne scroll


This section could have subsections if there is enough information to warrant it. Such subsections might include Notes, Trivia, and Pop Culture references.


12. ==Media==

This is where all the Images and Videos should go that relate to the article, pictures preferably in gallery format so others can easily add more:

Image:Bathran's Haunt.jpg|[[Bathran's Haunt]]

Subsections for Images can include:




Videos should always be in their own subsection; list one for each line (no gallery) beginning with <youtube> and ending with </youtube>:

[[File:Ashenvale HD - World of Warcraft Cataclysm|425]]
[[File:Cataclysm - Ashenvale Overview|425]]

Patch changesEdit

13. ==Patch changes==

Self-explanatory. See Ashenvale. The latest patch should always be listed first and there should always be a note with each patch listed.


14. ==References== {{Reflist}} Only needed if there are sources cited within the article.

External linksEdit

15. ==External links==

These should already be included for each zone article.

At the very end of the article should be the navbox for whatever continent that zone is part of. For instance, Ashenvale is part of Kalimdor, so {{Kalimdor}} would be placed at the end.

Categories should also be added (found right above the 'edit summary' in green). All zones should have already been placed in some sort of category, so this is likely unneeded unless it is a new zone article. The simplest categories are continent and faction.

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