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Clicking on a name in the user list will open a menu. You can see the user's name, edit count, join date as well as access their talk page / message wall, contributions and send them a private message. Private message opens a new private message room.

Admins are automatically Chat Moderators. To identify a chat moderator, a star will be next to the name in the rail.

Administrators and chat moderators have additional options.

  • Give ChatMod status (admins only) gives that user the ability to kick or ban people from the chat.
  • Kick (admins and moderators only) will kick that user out of the chat. This can be done either from their Contributions page or through the main chat.
  • Ban will allow you to ban the user for a specific set of time (chosen from a dropdown menu) as well as allow you to state a reason why. Bans can also be set from the User contribs page.

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