In Heroic Mode Hellfire Ramparts, the rare drops from bosses have been adjusted to level-70 quality. Those drops are provided below, by boss.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar
Inv bracer 18
Inv misc cape 11
Inv shield 05
Inv boots cloth 05
Inv boots chain 03

Omor the Unscarred
Inv jewelry ring 50naxxramas
Inv bracer 13
Inv chest plate08
Inv staff 24
Inv belt 09
Inv helmet 70
Inv shoulder 37
Inv gauntlets 15
Inv jewelry necklace 17
Inv boots cloth 06
Inv weapon shortblade 31
Inv mace 44
Inv elemental primal nether2020

Inv jewelry ring 38
Inv chest leather 08
Inv helmet 12
Inv gauntlets 09
Inv bracer 13
Inv pants cloth 11
Inv chest cloth 07
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 03
Inv bracer 06
Inv shoulder 23