For the Warcraft III unit, see Satyr Hellcaller.

A satyr hellcaller is a satyr warlock variant. Satyr hellcallers are warlocks (or, occasionally, other arcanist classes) who manipulate entropic fire. As demons, satyrs hunger for life and magic, and they delight in cruelty. Many members of the Burning Legion are skilled wielders of fel magic. Furthermore, unlike arcane magic, the use of fel magic corrupts the user’s body and soul. By contrast the chief danger of arcane magic is that using it inevitably leads to the desire to wield greater power: power that only fel magic can provide. Some satyrs become hellcallers — arcanists who, rather than summon demons, manipulate the entropic fire of fel power. Entropic fire is fel energy given substance: it is entropic fire that burns on infernals, and it is entropic fire that ran down the body of the pit lord Mannoroth the Destructor. Entropic fire burns, as does normal fire, but it is more sinister still: it feeds on life, including the life of its wielder. The iconic satyr hellcaller is large and imposing. He stands close to the rogues and warriors who fight at his side, allowing them to benefit from his spells. The green-yellow flames he summons immolate flesh and consume life.[1]

Types Edit

References Edit

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