The antithesis of the Holy Light is denial of the self or denial of the universe. Although the Holy Light may seem at first glance to allow the follower to pursue a life of gross pleasure, the hedonistic path denies the universe and doesn’t allow one to act upon the universe to change it. In the same light, the altruistic lifestyle, while certainly making the world a better place, denies the self, which also severs the connection between the self and universe and has no place in the Holy Light.

The Holy Light is the happy medium between the hedonism of taking all and the altruism of giving all.

The study of the Holy Light allows for denial of the self in only one circumstance: when a priest of the Holy Light tests his faith. He will subject himself to public ridicule and harm, keeping the scars from these ordeals as badges of his faith.[1] (WOWRPG 168)

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