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Hecter lived most of his early life with his mother on Caer Darrow until he was removed from it by his father, Elling Trias, and introduced to Stormwind. Here he was kept a relative secret until beginning his training at SI:VII, where he rose to become a successful assassin.

Whilst in Stormwind Hecter not only gained a job but a wife in the form of Alixia, a priestess of the Light. A while after his marriage, however, he was sent to investigate worrying rumours in Lordaeron, where it was hoped his skill in stealth would preserve him long enough to carry out a decent inspection. For this mission he received aid from a night elf by the name of Tiris; following a discussion of their plans, however, they were jumped by a platoon of scourge and their commander. Allowing survival instinct to guide her, Tiris turned and ran. A glance over her shoulder, however, revealed Hecter pinned down by the undead and the elf turned to fire the mercy shot that would eventually become the arrow she used to “put him down” in future barside boasting.

Resurrected by the overpowering need for revenge, Hecter played to his strengths, spending several months spying on the House of Praetoria from the inside. Suffering from “double agent syndrome” that led him to occasionally lose track of just what side he was on, Hecter took the chance for a lengthy break in the wilds of Feralas after the fall of Praetoria. Upon his return he joined the ranks of the House of Sylvanas, catching the eye of the Hand of the House, Lady Miriah El’Ubris when he responded intelligently to one of her questions. Utilising his silver tongue, Hecter swiftly ascended to the rank of Voice within the House, managing the links with other organisations, guilds and tribes of the Horde and arranging several deals and alliances. As relations between Hecter and Nefernefer soured, however, and as the adoration of the Forsaken race Miriah had tried to instil within him faded, he chose to leave the House and instead joined the Ashen Order where he presently serves as protector.

At presentEdit

Despite leaving the House, Hecter maintained and built upon his friendship with Miriah. Following the untimely death of his supernatural fiancé, Isolde Bloodwraith, he married Miriah in her stead and the two now live in Booty Bay along with their daughters, Holly and Praelia.

Hecter is generally an easy going man although he dedicates himself to his ideals, particularly his current reverence of the Horde. Approachable and intelligent, he retains his skill in discussion, yet tends to try and curb potential arguments, hating to argue with his loved ones. Beyond Orcish and Gutterspeak, Hecter occasionally speaks in Draconic, usually when startled or hurt, and is also fairly proficient in the language of his ex-fiancé, Karinaar.

Although rumours can be misleading, there is a great deal of discussion in Booty Bay and beyond that the Trias family is currently pursuing immortality…

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