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|name=Heavy Clefthoof Boots
|name=Heavy Clefthoof Boots|id=25691
|attrib=+30 Stamina
|attrib=+30 Stamina

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Heavy Clefthoof Boots are created with Pattern: Heavy Clefthoof Boots, which is a pattern that may be purchased once your reputation is friendly with Cenarion Expedition for 14Gold. You need 355 Leatherworking to train it.

Materials required
Inv misc leatherscrap 11
4x [Heavy Knothide Leather]
Inv misc leatherscrap 14
20x [Thick Clefthoof Leather]
Inv elemental primal earth
4x [Primal Earth]
Spell shadow antimagicshell
2x [Rune Thread]

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