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Hearthstone Tavern is a podcast with the aim to produce and distribute an imaginative audio podcast that would take the creative aspects of World of Warcraft, such as lore, story, and roleplay and make them accessible to the general audience. While the casters play World of Warcraft, their techniques and ideas can be utilized for various types of roleplay from LARPing to Tabletop as well as character development ideas for writers.

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They are roleplaying geeks, writers, actors, poets, musicians, and game designers who have an amazing collective experience from roleplaying in tabletops to LARPs. The current cast includes: Brent (aka Sullivan/Shaw) of; Richard (aka Tharion Greyseer) from; Suzanna (Stardancer) previously from Epic Dolls podcast and from Off the Beaten Path; Mox (aka Kormok) from Earthen.ning and Tears of Draenor; Michael (aka Anansi) host of Hearthstone Tavern RP; Harper (aka Pyrus/Larisan) commercial/drama writer; and Matt (aka Taldarion).

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