Healing spells are spells that restore health (HP) to friendly targets. Some supply healing directly when the spell is cast, some cause healing over time, and others apply a buff that regenerates health on some other effect. Many healing spells are from the Holy and Nature schools of magic.

Friendly healing Edit

These spells may be cast to heal other friendly targets including NPCs, player characters and pets. (Some of these spells can only be used through a party or raid.)

See Healing comparison for an advanced comparison of these spells across talents and +healing.

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Self-healing, Drains and Pet-healing Edit

These spells can restore health to the caster or their Pet or Minion.

Death Knight Edit

  • [Death Strike] (Recovers Death Knight's health for 5% of his/her HP for each of his/her diseases on target)

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These typically heal the caster while damaging the target.

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