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Item Healing Intellect Spirit MP5 Notes
Solo and BoE [Lei of the Lifegiver]+530034760 Pvpcurrency-honor-both25 Alterac valley mark of honor at 60
Horde 15 [High Warlord's Tome of Mending] / Alliance 15 [Grand Marshal's Tome of Restoration]+311414012240 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Arathi basin mark of honor at 60
[Beacon of Hope]+22040World Drop (< 1%)
[Earthcalm Orb]+181008Silithus - Quest:Stalwart's Battlegear
[Orb of Mistmantle]+9040World Drop (< 1%)
Instances [Brightly Glowing Stone] +37000Dire Maul - King Gordok (22%)
[Tome of Divine Right] +26504Lower Blackrock Spire - Mor Grayhoof (D2) (15%)
[Thaurissan's Royal Scepter] +225100Blackrock Depths - Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (15%)
40 Man Raid Instances [Sapphiron's Right Eye] +621004Naxxramas - Sapphiron (21%)
[Noth's Frigid Heart] +5312130Naxxramas - Noth the Plaguebringer (11%)
[Sartura's Might] +51605Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Battleguard Sartura (5%)

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