WoWScrnShot 090813 013041

Hallway around the Headmaster's Study in Scholomance - Sept 8, 2013

WoWScrnShot 090813 012955

Chandelier above the Headmaster's Study in Scholomance - Sept 8 2013

Headmaster's Study

Headmaster's Study

The Headmaster's Study is located deep within Scholomance. It is accessed from the Viewing Room via the eastern doorway. The study is surrounded by six antechambers over two levels accessed from the southern, eastern, and northern walls. Each of these rooms has one mini-boss, which must all be killed for the school's headmaster, Darkmaster Gandling to appear in his study. This is Scholomance's final boss.

The antechambers and their respective minibosses are as follows:

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