Headhunter is a class of NPC troll, found among various tribes of trolls throughout Azeroth.

Stranglethorn ValeEdit

The HinterlandsEdit

  • Witherbark trolls, who live primarily in the southern areas of The Hinterlands, fight against the Revantusk trolls as well as the dwarves of Aerie Peak. Headhunters are one of the classes their warriors are given.
  • Vilebranch trolls live primarily in the eastern section of The Hinterlands. Like the Witherbark, they battle against the Revantusk trolls, mainly because the Vilebranch wish to use the smaller tribes of the Revantusk as sacrifices to Hakkar the Soulflayer. They are almost exclusively found in Jintha'Alor and the Temple of Zul.

Arathi HighlandsEdit


Blackrock SpireEdit

Name BackgroundEdit

  • The word 'headhunter' is typically used to denote a person or tribe of persons who kill hostile (and sometimes benign) intruders, and take trophies - typically, the head of the slaughtered intruder. Given the known traits of the troll tribes listed above (such as cannibalism), the class 'headhunter' seems grimly appropriate.

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