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A machinima created by Selserene, using the music "Greensleeves", and first posted on Warcraftmovies on 12-24-07 at 00:34.

The machinima depicts the tale of two High Elven lovers seperated at the time of the Scourge's invasion of Silvermoon. The two, although seperated, lived to join seperate factions, the female the Sunfury faction and the male joined the Horde with many other Sin'dorei that remained on Azeroth. Near the end of the machinima the two meet up again which then ties the ending of the machinima and the beginning of it, together.

The lyrics beautifully depict the love for which the Sin'dorei have for their prince, despite what they know about him and his actions.

The lyrics go as follows:

Loved Sin'dorei, come through the fear,

Let Blights end and guide to him.

This King, our King, Salvation brings,

Let our loving hearts enthrone him.

Loved Sin'dorei, we are but few,

but destiny our blood will share with you.

Dear brothers cheer for the words we'll hear,

when the Sunstrider foes are retreating.

This, this is Kael'thas King,

where fate has gone and sorrow sings.

Haste, Haste Oh bring him home,

Our Lord, the Savior of many.

Loved Sin'dorei we are but two,

but destiny our blood will shed for you.

Dear brothers weep, words can't speak,

the praise in our hearts we wear proudly.

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