Leader: IconSmall Naga Male Lord Shalzaru and IconSmall Naga Female Lady Szallah
Location: Ruins of Solarsal and Shalzaru's Lair, Feralas

The Hatecrest tribe[1] (LoM 52) is a tribe of naga living on the northern section of the Isle of Dread and on the ruins covering Sardor Isle. They are at level 43-45. Very recently, the Hatecrests have occupied the Ruins of Solarsal off the west coast of Feralas in alarming numbers. At first, the night elves considered it as the precursor for an attack. But scouts reported that Lord Shalzaru has uncovered an odd relic during a recent naga excavation in a cave south of the main ruins, across the water on the Isle of Dread.

Known membersEdit


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