Harlown Darkweave

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AllianceNPC 32Harlown Darkweave
Harlown Darkweave
Title <Leatherworking Supplies>
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 27
Affiliation Darnassus
Location Bolyun's Camp, Ashenvale
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Harlown Darkweave[18.2, 60] is a level 27 leatherworking vendor located at Bolyun's Camp, a nook in the mountains southwest of the Shrine of Aessina in the contested territory of Ashenvale. He is notable for being the only vendor to sell [Pattern: Herbalist's Gloves] (in limited supply).

In order to purchase items from him, players need to complete the quest from Bolyun, Alliance 15 [26] In a Bind.

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GenderMale +
NPC factionAlliance +
NPC level27 +
RaceNight elf +
TitleLeatherworking Supplies +

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