Hargin Mundar is a level 20 dwarf found in the tavern at Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands.[10, 60]
He seems to be content spending his days in the Deepwater Tavern getting drunk.


Hargin Mundar often makes statements, however since he is speaking Dwarvish, his words are incomprehensible to most races. Here are some of the statements he makes (to dwarven ears):

  • [Dwarvish] I'd go out and clear out some of those gnolls, but this leg has seen better days and I am afraid I'd just wind up dead.
  • [Dwarvish] I saw a Sea Giant once. It's not something I would care to see again. Burp!
  • [Dwarvish] Watch your step out there. Many an adventure seeker has not returned from the marsh. hic!

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