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Normal mode

Falric Type Description Slot
Inv sword 119 [Ghoulslicer] Sword Melee One hand
Inv shoulder 100 [Valonforth's Tarnished Pauldrons] Plate Caster Shoulders
Inv boots chain 11 [Muddied Boots of Brill] Mail Melee Feet
Inv helmet 153 [Fallen Sentry's Hood] Leather Caster Head
Inv gauntlets 91 [Marwyn's Macabre Fingertips] Cloth Caster Hands
Inv misc cape 11 [Eerie Runeblade Polisher] Cloak Tank Back
Marwyn Type Description Slot
Inv shield 63 [Splintered Door of the Citadel] Shield Tank Off hand
Inv sword 85 [Splintered Icecrown Parapet] Sword Caster Main hand
Inv pants mail 33 [Frostsworn Bone Leggings] Mail Melee Legs
Inv gauntlets 62 [Mitts of Burning Hail] Mail Caster +hit Hands
Inv gauntlets 62 [Carpal Tunnelers] Leather Melee Hands
Inv shoulder 118 [Frayed Abomination Stitching Shoulders] Cloth Caster Shoulders
The Lich King Type Description Slot
Inv axe 94 [Hate-Forged Cleaver] Axe Melee One hand
Inv weapon bow 44 [Crypt Fiend Slayer] Bow Melee Ranged
Inv weapon shortblade 79 [Chilled Heart of the Glacier] Dagger Caster +hit Main hand
Inv mace 88 [Bone Golem Scapula] Mace Caster mp5 Main hand
Inv sword 127 [Mourning Malice] Sword Melee Two hand
Inv helmet 158 [Greathelm of the Silver Hand] Plate Healer Head
Inv gauntlets 94 [Crystalline Citadel Gauntlets] Plate Tank Hands
Inv pants mail 33 [Legguards of Untimely Demise] Mail Caster +hit Legs
Inv chest leather 23 [Blackened Geist Ribs] Leather Melee Chest
Inv shoulder 115 [Grim Lasher Shoulderguards] Leather Caster Shoulders
Inv helmet 155 [Tattered Glacial-Woven Hood] Cloth Caster Head
Inv misc cape 16 [Tapestry of the Frozen Throne] Cloak Melee Back
Trash drops Type Description Slot
Inv wand 1h stratholme d 01 [Coffin Nail] Wand Caster Ranged
Inv gauntlets 94 [Plated Grips of Korth'azz] Plate Melee Hands
Inv belt 70 [Titanium Links of Lore] Plate Tank Waist
Inv shoulder 118 [Mantle of Tattered Feathers] Cloth Caster Shoulders

Heroic modeEdit

Falric Type Description Slot
Inv axe 89 [Falric's Wrist-Chopper] Axe Tank One hand
Inv wand 1h stratholme d 02 [Soulsplinter] Wand Caster +hit Ranged
Inv chest plate22 [Chestpiece of High Treason] Plate Healer Chest
Inv boots chain 13 [Spiked Toestompers] Mail Melee Feet
Inv shoulder 115 [Spaulders of Black Betrayal] Leather Melee Shoulders
Inv bracer 32a [Bracer of Worn Molars] Cloth Caster +hit Wrist
Marwyn Type Description Slot
Inv weapon halberd 26 [Orca-Hunter's Harpoon] Polearm Melee Two hand
Inv chest mail 12 [Frostsworn Bone Chestpiece] Mail Melee Chest
Inv chest leather 23 [Choking Hauberk] Leather Melee Chest
Inv helmet 155 [Sightless Crown of Ulmaas] Cloth Caster +hit Head
Inv gauntlets 91 [Suspiciously Soft Gloves] Cloth Caster Hands
Inv jewelcrafting empyreansapphire 01 [Ephemeral Snowflake] Trinket Healer Trinket
The Lich King Type Description Slot
Inv mace 78 [Black Icicle] Mace Melee One hand
Inv ore feliron 01 [Shriveled Heart] Off hand Caster Off hand
Inv sword 118 [Liar's Tongue] Sword Melee One hand
Inv helmet 158 [Second Helm of the Executioner] Plate Tank Head
Inv gauntlets 77a [Hoarfrost Gauntlets] Mail Melee Hands
Inv boots leather 8 [Blighted Leather Footpads] Leather Melee Feet
Inv chest leather 23 [Chestguard of Broken Branches] Leather Caster Chest
Inv belt 67 [Strip of Remorse] Cloth Caster Waist
Inv jewelry ring 26 [The Lady's Promise] Ring Melee Finger
Inv jewelry ring 68 [Oath of Empress Zoe] Ring Caster mp5 Finger
Inv misc shell 04 [Fossilized Ammonite Choker] Necklace Tank Neck
Inv boots plate 11(v2) [Grinning Skull Boots] Plate Melee Feet
Trash drops Type Description Slot
Inv weapon shortblade 61 [Unsharpened Ice Razor] Dagger Melee One hand
Inv weapon hand 04 [Seven-Fingered Claws] Fist weapon Melee Main hand
Inv bracer 22c [Ghostly Wristwraps] Leather Caster Wrist

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