Halls of Destruction

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Halls of Destruction

Halls of Destruction

The Halls of Destruction is an area of Dire Maul North, located behind the Gordok Courtyard Door.

The first two areas are unnamed, open courtyards full of ogres, stealth-detecting hyenas, and the mini-bosses Guard Mol'dar, Stomper Kreeg and Guard Fengus. Mol'dar drops the Gordok Courtyard Key, which is required to open the Gordok Courtyard Door (alternative methods like pick lock and seaforium charges can also be used). Beyond lie the Halls of Destruction, full of more ogres, doomguard pets, and Knot Thimblejack, a hapless goblin prisoner who will offer a few alternate ways of becoming king of Dire Maul, by clever use of traps and disguise.

The Halls of Destruction lead to Gordok's Seat, which is guarded by Captain Kromcrush.

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