Halfus Wyrmbreaker is the first boss encounter in Bastion of Twilight.

Abilities Edit

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Edit

  • Ability warrior battleshout  [Furious Roar]ω ϖBasic Ability. [1.50sec Cast] Halfus roars periodically, inflicting 9500 to 10500 Physical damage and knocking his enemies to the ground. (Ability is only active once Halfus is under 50% health. When used, Halfus will cast it three times in rapid succession.) [19000 to 21000 Physical Damage on Heroic]
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy  [Berserk]ω ϖBasic Ability. Increases the caster's attack and movement speeds by 150% and all damage it deals by 500%. Also grants immunity to Taunt effects. (Hard Enrage to the fight after 6 minutes)
  • Inv misc head dragon red  [Dragon's Vengeance]ω ϖDrake Debuff: All. Halfus takes 100% increased damage from all sources. Stacks up to 3 times.(Halfus will receive one stack per dead drake (or when all Whelps are dead).) [Stacks up to 5 times on Heroic]
  • Ability warrior rampage  [Frenzied Assault]ω ϖDrake Ability: Nether Scion. Increases the caster's attack speed by 100%. (Passive buff on Halfus.) [120% on Heroic]
  • Ability warrior decisivestrike  [Malevolent Strikes]ω ϖDrake Ability: Slate Dragon. Halfus' attacks wound the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing on it by 6%. Stacks up to 15 times for a max reduction of 90% to healing. (Passive buff on Halfus.) [8% per stack up to 12 stacks or 96% max on Heroic]
  • Spell shadow shadowfury  [Shadow Nova]ω ϖDrake Ability: Storm Rider. [0.25sec Cast] Dark magic is unleashed, causing 28500 to 31500 Shadow damage and knocking back all enemies within 50000 yds. (Signified by the Shadow Wrapped buff on Halfus. Cast about every 8 seconds.) [47500 to 52500 Shadow damage on Heroic]

Proto-Behemoth Edit

  • Spell fire firebolt02  [Fireball]ω ϖBasic Ability. [1.50sec Cast] Inflicts Fire damage to enemies in a small area.
  • Spell fire meteorstorm  [Fireball Barrage]ω ϖDrake Ability: Time Warden. Deals 34000 to 46000 Fire damage to enemies in a small area. (Signified by the Dancing Flames buff on the Proto-Behemoth.) [51000 to 69000 Fire Damage on Heroic]
  • Spell fire burnout  [Scorching Breath]ω ϖDrake Ability: Orphaned Emerald Whelps. [8.00sec Channel] Breathes flame at enemies in front of the caster, inflicting 9000 Fire damage per second. (Signified by the Superheated Breath buff on the Proto-Behemoth.) [12000 Fire damage per second on Heroic]

Drake Mechanics Edit

When you enter the room, you will see Halfus Wyrmbreaker, a Proto-Behemoth, 4 friendly drakes, and a cage with friendly whelps in it (which counts as the 5th drake). On normal mode of the encounter, 2 of the 5 drakes will be lying on the ground at a quarter life with the debuff Unresponsive on them while the remaining 3 will be standing and at full life. The 3 standing drakes are the ones that will determine which abilities Halfus and the Proto-Behemoth will have for that raid week (soft resets do not change which 3 you get) and will change only after the resets on Tuesdays.

After Halfus has been engaged, raid members may release the drakes in any order and/or simultaneously by "talking" to them (there is a 1.5 second cast associated with it). The drake or whelps will turn hostile and then be tanked. The drakes themselves have no special abilities or attacks (like cleaves, breaths, tail whips, etc.)

Each drake provides a passive buff to Halfus or the Proto-behemoth that will last for the entire fight regardless if that drake is active, hostile or killed. These are the abilities in brown below. On release, they will apply a unique debuff to Halfus or the Proto-Behemoth. These bonuses are shown in green. Whenever a drake (or all whelps) die(s) Halfus receives the Dragon's Vengeance debuff which increases the damage Halfus takes by 100% from all sources, which stacks for each drake/whelps killed.

Storm Rider

  • Spell shadow shadowfury  [Shadow Wrapped]ω ϖ[0.25sec Cast] Halfus is enveloped in darkness, allowing the use of Shadow Nova.
  • Ability druid cyclone  [Cyclone Winds]ω ϖ— Slows the cast speed of Shadow Nova by 500% (to 1.50 seconds) and makes it easier (i.e. possible) to interrupt.

The Time Warden

  • Ability mage firestarter  [Dancing Flames]ω ϖ— Time warps and fire burns around the Proto-Behemoth, empowering him and allowing him to cast Fireball Barrage.
  • Spell holy borrowedtime  [Time Dilation]ω ϖ—Further warps the flow of time around the target, slowing the move speed of the Fireball Barrage to allow the raid to move out of the impact locations (signified by the mini-hellfire effects on the ground).

The Slate Dragon

  • Ability warrior decisivestrike  [Malevolent Strikes]ω ϖ—Halfus' regular melee attacks wound the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing on it. Stacks.
    • Tip: Having both the Slate Dragon and the Nether Scion active together in an encounter will cause Malevolent Strikes to stack faster. Be prepared for it. Although the Slate Dragon causes Halfus to gain this buff, releasing Nether Scion is the best way to mitigate it.
  • Inv stone 08  [Stone Touch]ω ϖ—Once every 35 seconds or so, Halfus will occasionally become stunned for 12 sec.

Nether Scion

  • Ability warrior rampage  [Frenzied Assault]ω ϖ—Increases Halfus' melee attack speed.
    • See the Slate Dragon's tip.
  • Spell arcane massdispel  [Nether Blindness]ω ϖ— Nether fog blinds Halfus, reducing his chance to hit, attack speed, and damage done by 25%.

Orphaned Emerald Whelp (as of March 1st, 2011: these drakes may have gotten a significant increase in attack power to prevent raids to completely ignoring them)

  • Spell fire windsofwoe  [Superheated Breath]ω ϖ— Fire burns in the dragon's throat, empowering him to cast Scorching Breath.
  • Ability creature poison 02  [Atrophic Poison]ω ϖ—Poisons the Proto-Behemoth, reducing the power of all its offensive abilities by 6000 damage.

Recommended Priority:

  • The Storm Rider should be released immediately. Knockback from Shadow Nova disrupts the entire raid, and most importantly, your healers.
  • The Time Warden should go next; Fireball Barrage is probably the largest source of raid damage Halfus has.
  • The Orphaned Emerald Whelps should likely be third most important, as they reduce both the damage of Superheated Breath (unavoidable), AND of Fireball Barrage (if Time is up).
  • On Normal mode, if Nether and Slate are not active at the same time, then they can actually be ignored entirely, depending on tanks. If they are both active, release Nether first, as the attack speed and hit chance debuffs will help deal with how quickly the healing debuff stacks.

Tl;dr - Storm > Time > Emerald > Nether >= Slate

    • This priority list won't always be perfect; drake combination and raid setup may change what works best for individual raids. However, this is a good list to follow as a general rule.

Active Drakes by WeekEdit

Dates U.S. Realms Non-U.S. Realms
Feb 15 - Feb 21 Storm / Time / Whelps Nether / Storm / Time
Feb 22 - Feb 28 Nether / Storm / Whelps Nether / Storm / Slate
Mar 1 - Mar 7 Nether / Slate / Whelps Slate / Time / Whelps
Mar 8 - Mar 14 Slate / Storm / Whelps Nether / Time / Whelps
Mar 15 - Mar 21 Nether / Slate / Time Storm / Time / Whelps
Mar 22 - Mar 28 Slate / Storm / Time Nether / Storm / Whelps
Mar 29 - Apr 4 Nether / Storm / Time Nether / Slate / Whelps
Apr 5 - Apr 11 Nether / Storm / Slate Slate / Storm / Whelps
Apr 12 - Apr 18 Slate / Time / Whelps Nether / Slate / Time
Apr 19 - Apr 25 Nether / Time / Whelps Slate / Storm / Time
Apr 26 - May 2 Storm / Time / Whelps Nether / Storm / Time
May 3 - May 9 Nether / Storm / Whelps Nether / Storm / Slate
May 10 - May 16 Nether / Slate / Whelps Slate / Time / Whelps
May 17 - May 23 Slate / Storm / Whelps Nether / Time / Whelps
May 24 - May 30 Nether / Slate / Time Storm / Time / Whelps


The strategy for this fight revolves around setting drakes and the whelps free and killing them to activate several debuffs on Halfus, and then Burning down a significantly weakened Halfus. Your strategy will depend on which drakes are active. The whelps have the same function as the drakes, in that they will either be available to kill, or you will have 3 drakes up.

No matter which three of the five drake/whelps are active for the fight, it is always recommended to kill at least two drakes. In the final stages of the fight, Halfus will cast Furious Roar which stuns the entire raid and does damage. This stun, combined with some of the other abilities, can wipe the raid if the drakes have not been killed. Killing drakes takes time, but the act of releasing them also increases Halfus' damage taken by 100% per drake.

Whelps are best tanked near their cage. A tank must be ready to use AE abilities to aggro them, and then the raid can AE DPS them down.

Detailed combinations:

  • Slate Dragon, Whelps and Nether Scion is one of the harder combinations. Throughout the fight, the tanks will need to taunt Halfus from each other when the heal debuff gets too high. Tanks usually switch around 60%. It is generally best to release Nether Scion first because the attack speed and attack chance debuff will cause the Slate Dragon's malevolent strikes to stack slower. The raid can choose to let Slate Dragon and Nether Scion free at the same time. Releasing both drakes at the same time is preferable in that more debuffs are applied to Halfus, but a strategy must be designed so that Halfus can be traded between the tanks while the drakes are up. Not many tank switches should be necessary before the first drake dies, especially after the drake health nerf in patch 4.0.6.
  • Slate Dragon, Whelps, and Storm Rider : release the Whelps and Storm Rider immediately. Assign a dps interrupter full time to Halfus for shadow nova, because the tanks will be busy swapping. Kill Storm rider first and then the whelps. The tanks will need to tank swap around 7 or 8 stacks due to the healing debuff from slate dragon. Remember to use pally bubbles or other methods to remove stacks to buy some time on the healing debuff.
  • Slate Dragon, Nether Scion, and Time Warden : release Slate and Nether Scion immediately. One tank should be on both dragons, and the other on Halfus. All DPS should burn Slate Dragon. The Halfus tank should watch his healing debuff stacks. When he reaches about 7 stacks, the other tank will need to grab halfus, and the first tank will need to pull Slate and Nether Scion off him. Hopefully Slate is nearly dead when this occurs. The raid should then kill Nether Scion. When both dragons are dead, focus on Halfus, with the tanks still swapping around 7 stacks. If there is a pally in the raid, blessing of protection the non-active tank to remove his stacks early.
  • Slate Dragon, Nether Scion, and Storm Rider: Since Slate and Nether combine to give Halfus the rapidly-stacking healing debuff, this needs to be dealt with. On 10-man releasing Storm and Nether immediately is a wise choice, as the healers will be able to cast uninterrupted, and Halfus' stacks won't build so fast. If you choose not to release Nether you will have to deal with the debuff stacking on the two tanks to unhealable levels before it falls off (30 seconds). If your healers are comfortable using instant casts you could probably get away with only releasing Nether, then Storm, then either killing Halfus or also releasing Slate.

Heroic Mode ChangesEdit

Heroic Mode Halfus has all 5 drakes active instead of just 3 granting Halfus the the Proto-behemoth with all of their abilies. The abilities hit for more and Halfus has significantly more life with the same 6 minute enrage. However with all 5 drakes being active, it is possible to debuff Halfus to take an additional 500% more damage when all 5 drakes have been released instead of the normal 300% in normal mode when all 3 drakes have been released.


... Aggro Cho'gall will have your heads! ALL OF THEM!

Player Death The burden of the damned falls upon you!

The wyrms will eat well tonight!


Normal Mode
Inv misc book 16
Inv bracer plate raidwarrior i 01
Inv bracer robe raidmage i 01
Inv misc cat trinket01
Inv helmet raidshaman i 01
Inv pants plate raidpaladin i 01
Inv stave 2h grimbatolraid d 01
Inv shoulder plate raidwarrior i 01
Inv glove mail raidhunter i 01
Inv chest cloth raidpriest i 01
Inv boot leatherraidrogue i 01
Inv misc necklacea7

Heroic Mode
Inv misc book 16
Inv bracer plate raidwarrior i 01
Inv bracer robe raidmage i 01
Inv misc cat trinket01
Inv helmet raidshaman i 01
Inv pants plate raidpaladin i 01
Inv stave 2h grimbatolraid d 01
Inv shoulder plate raidwarrior i 01
Inv glove mail raidhunter i 01
Inv chest cloth raidpriest i 01
Inv boot leatherraidrogue i 01
Inv misc necklacea7
Inv chest chain 10
Inv chest chain 10
Inv chest chain 10

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Patch changesEdit

  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.6 (8-Feb-2011):
    • Shadow Nova is now cast less frequently in 10-player modes to account for fewer available interrupts there.
    • The captured drakes in this encounter now apply Dragon's Vengeance when they are killed instead of when they are freed. To account for this change, the health and damage of the drakes has been reduced, and the damage bonus gained from Dragon's Vengeance has been increased.

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