Half-blood elf

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Half-blood elves
BloodElffemale nopic
Character classesWarlock, Paladin (presumed)
Racial capitalN/A
Racial leader(s)N/A
Racial mountHawkstrider, Elven horse, Horse (presumed)
Primary language(s)Thalassian, Common
Secondary language(s)Any
Average height4'7"-5'11" (males), 4'5"-5'9" (females)

Half-blood elf is the term used to describe the offspring of humans and blood elves. They do not yet exist. Since blood elves came into existence only a few years ago, they certainly have not had time to mingle with humans and produce adult offspring — without even factoring in blood elf prejudice. This does not mean that it cannot happen, however; it is possible it might happen 20 years in the future. The blood elven half is more dominate and they have the blood elven racial traits.[1]

Like their blood elven parents, half-blood elves are addicted to the use of arcane magic. A half-blood elf must spend one hour each morning in meditation, resisting the distractions of their addiction, or have problems with spellcasting or spell defense for that day. Half-blood elves slake their thirst through the absorption of fel energies. If the blood elf partakes of demon's blood, the magic addiction abates for a number of days. Half-blood elves reek of fel power, offending the spiritual senses of night elves and tauren.

Half-blood elves are proficient with the shortbow, composite shortbow, short sword, and scimitar.[2] Those with limited arcane ability usually become warlocks.[1]


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