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Grand Commander Haldroun Frostfury was a Blood Elf Mage living within Silvermoon. Among the factions he allied with, he was one of the most influential mages ever. He played the roles of Martyr, Hero, Villian, and Confident.

Lineage and TragedyEdit

Haldroun was a member of the Frostfury clan. The clan was widely regarded as some of the greatest Magisters in Eversong. Trained from a young age, Haldroun quickly mastered the essentials of Arcane energies, Ranking the Highest in Class at the local Magister's Academy . When he was 20, the Scourge ravaged Quel'thalas. He and his family were headstrong in the protection of Silvermoon, fighting off the scourge along with the High Elven defences. Though Valiant, most of the Frostfury Clan perished, leaving a mourning Haldroun alone. The last of his line, Haldroun went into hiding.


When Kael'thas Sunstrider collected the remaining High Elves after the Scourge Invasion, Haldroun was quick to join. Hoping to avenge his family's death, he eagerly assisted Kael's forces in everything. When Lady Vashj teleported the Blood Elf forces to Outland, Haldroun stayed behind to help rebuild Silvermoon and defend his Homeland. After 5 years, Haldroun regained a sence of happyness and pride. He then returned to his studies. A year later, he met Kiss, the princess of a local house. He soon fell in love with her, and helped her with Royal Matters. Though his relationship, Haldroun was able to gain the Role of Grand Commander and become her Second in Command.


Things were never better for Haldroun. After proposing to the princess,he was to become the Regeant-Lord of his house, and a local Diplomat. He then appoited one of the princess's friends, Cialan, as his second in command. Though Haldroun was suspicious of Cialan and Kiss, he never gave it a second thought. His suspicions were later confirmed when the princess cancled their wedding. Caught in a flurry of Emotions, Haldroun started to spiral into insanity. He finally teetered over the edge when he betrayed his faction and started to attack the Princess. Cialan, in her defence, killed Haldroun in a furious battle. Due to the mage's arcane might though, he was re-incarnated. He attemped this event several times over, ending with him either severely wounded or having to retreat. Seeing the error in his ways, he finally accepted their relationship.

An Uphill JourneyEdit

After his reform from madness, Haldroun continually tried to earn the Princess's trust, but to No avail. Cialan, paranoid from his attacks, started down Haldroun's same path. Haldroun, depressed from his actions and his rejection, committed suicide. This then plunged the Princess into depression, after seeing everything going downhill. But Again, Haldroun was ressurected for a short amount of time to set things straight, which he did. He has since disappeared.

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